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Edwin S. -- New Dawn Outreach has been a blessing to me.  While living on the streets because I was homeless I visited New Dawn and they fed me, gave me clothing, blankets, and hygiene items.  They also sat down and counseled with me and gave me referrals to get the help I needed.  Aside from services, Dawn and her mother Ramona treated me as family.  They embraced me with much needed love and support and continue to be in my life today.  The members of New Dawn genuinely care and are there to help those in need.  They are truly a blessing to the community!

Mike G. -- The first time I met Dawn and Ramona I felt like they were the best people I've ever met in my life.  I really enjoy helping people and so do they, so we were a match.  I love these guys and will do anything for them.  I helped them fix the Outreach Center place up because hands down, they are the best people I've ever known.  I was homeless for one year and they helped me out tremendously.  I can never thank them enough and am crying as I write this because they bailed me out so much.  I didn't really know them and they extended their hearts out to me.  From my heart, I love them and will never ever forget how they helped me!

Rachel I. -- New Dawn Outreach has always been there for my family. When we moved into our home she bought brand new stuff for our home. Dawn is so willing and able to help.  She provided dishes, towels, bathroom set, toys, clothes and shoes for our daughter. She thinks of and helps others without a second thought. She is a great blessing to our family and community.

Carolyn B. -- When I first met Dawn back when I used to volunteer at the worship Center where I had volunteered for 7 years and through different outreaches and even when I was homeless she's encouraging. A couple of times when I have wanted to tithe my time in volunteering she sent a paid car for me so I could be present and sent her daughter once to pick me up too.  And once her mom heard me say to someone that I needed 40 dollars for my phone bill she walked up with no questions asked and gave it to me. What a blessing New Dawn Outreach is.  Many times I have called Dawn through the years I have known her and she has come to me bring me boxes of food and sometimes when different food pantries had not responded to her, she had paid of her pocket. She has went out of her way so many times, even though she had been very busy with work ,running her new business being with her family she would make time to meet whatever need at the time.  One time I was downtown had no money and just stopped in to say hello and couldn't buy anything I was met with prayer and a hug and was asked what would you like to eat and was given a sandwich and a drink at her deli.  Dawn Elmore’s outreach is really amazing for we are meant to be the eyes hands and feet of Christ and she takes it serious and she's simply just an amazing woman of God.  There's not enough words to describe how beautiful she is inside and out.  And I love and appreciate the beautiful soul she is.   I am honored that to be considered a friend and I am also honored to have served beside her.  New Dawn Outreach is amazing and reaches many from street friends to whoever may come in contact with her - she's the best.  God bless you and keep you always and may God open doors for you that no man can shut and may he also over flow your cup. Much love and respect and appreciation 

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